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LARP Flintlock Musket

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Product Details
  • Musket Length: 47.5in / 120.65cm
  • Weight: 2.15lbs / 0.972kg
  • Trigger pull: 4lb / 1.81 kg
  • Velocity*: ~ 65fps
  • Impact force (with nerf rival ball): ~0.032J
  • Finish: Brown Stain, Clear Polyurethane
  • Fires NERF Rival or similar foam balls. Also fires NERF Mega Darts
  • Includes wooden ramrod.
  • Sling sold separately

STARTING IN 2020 all muskets will ship with the heavier spring that was formerly included in the spring upgrade kit. You will only want the upgrade kit if you bought a musket prior to January 2020.

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