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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new B3 ordering system.  Starting in Mid November 2023 B3 will be offing a new and faster way to get to battle.  The new system consists of 3 categories each with its own distinct advantages.  

Category 1.  OFF THE RACK:  Need something fast?  The Off the rack equipment will consist of pre-built, in stock product that can ship in a couple days max.  Off the rack products are sold as is and can not be customized.  If you want something customized, please see Category 2.

Category 2:  CUSTOMIZED.  Want something a bit more fitted to your personal preference?  Try a new Customized product!  Customized products will allow you to modify the two most commonly modified parts of the product. The overall length of the product and the color of the blade.  Because most of the product is pre-built we will be able to ship Customized products in a week.  Want something truly unique?  Please see category 3. 

Category 3: FROM THE FORGE.  If you are looking for that truly unique weapon then you want it From The Forge.   From The Forge products are custom built from scratch.  You will be able to chose from billions of combinations of hilts, pommels, color, etc.  Very similar to our existing Build Your Own sword product except with more product categories.  But, individualization takes time so plan on waiting 4-6 weeks for your weapon From the Forge.  

As always, thank you for being a B3 customer!!!

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