DIY PART - Foam Shield Boss

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Want to build your own shield but need some clean-cut parts? Made of foam, these are a decorative touch to one handed shields, while providing safe cushioning for your hands and your opponent.

If choosing an unlisted color, please specify at check out.
(This is not a finished shield listing, you will receive a shield part only.)

For all the DIYers out there, we are some B3 style parts! The shield boss can either sit on top as decoration or you can mount a grip through a cut out portion of the actual sheild and your hand sits inside the 'bowl'.

* 6 inch diameter dome.
* The outer diameter of the hole part is 8.5 inches.
* .25 inches thick.
* Roughly #6 foam.
* It goes over a 6 inch hole in the shield and your hand sits safely inside the 'bowl'.

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