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Build Your Own -Classic Sword!

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Product Details

Build your own Classic B3 Sword! Or upgrade to an Elite blade to get that real sword feel!

The Classic B3 Sword has been the weapon of choice for many for over the past 20 years! If you've LARPed in New England, chances are you've seen or used one.

Mix and match options to put your own personal touch on a B3 sword and make it uniquely yours!

All BYO Classic swords come with a water resistant ripstop nylon blade sleeve, 3/4" padding around all striking surfaces, 2" thrust tip, crossguard, pommel, and handle wrap.

The color under the handle wraps will match the color of the crossguard and pommel.

Elite Blade covered are only available on Elite blades.

*Due to yield from stock and website restrictions we are only able to offer this listing up to a length of 48 inches. If you would like to explore options beyond what is offered here, send an email to and we will get you a quote!

Build Your Own Swords can take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery. If you need something sooner please visit our Ready For Battle or Customizable products.

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