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B3 Deluxe Spear, 9ft (274 CM)

In stock
Product Details
  • Ultralight, ultra durable hybrid aluminum and fiberglass core. The spear weighs less than 2 pounds! 800 grams to be exact.
  • Rip stop nylon cover on the tip and shaft.
  • Raised red marker at 50cm location on handle
  • Customized shaft and head available, print your guild colors or logo on the spear! please email for details

1 year warranty. If there core breaks we will replace it or repair it.

Like all our products, it is guaranteed to pass safety before its first use. This is the best spear you will ever buy!

This item can not be shipped assembled. Delivery to most campaign days and the Grand Bataille is also available. Email to check delivery availability

Please note: As of 2020 we no longer include the printed metal bands around the shaft.

As of 2023 we will be shipping spears in two pieces. Assembly is very easy and only requires a Philips head screw driver and some electrical tape.

Spears do not qualify for free shipping. Please contact Ben for a shipping estimate.

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