2.125" Diameter LARP Arrows

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2-1/8 inch diameter arrow head with 1 inch open cell and 1 inch closed cell foam. The arrows feature a 1.25 inch diameter plastic end cap fitted onto the fiberglass shaft. Our arrows are extremely strong and very flexible so they are more resistant to breakage.

New for 2019 is our tear resistant and waterproof "skin" layer of foam on the end of the tip. This 1/8 inch thick layer of high density closed cell foam gives the arrow a tough tear resistant skin without compromising the softness of the arrow. The skin layer also provides a waterproof barrier between the open cell foam and the target.

Note: You may receive yellowing or completely yellow tipped arrows instead of white. When the open cell part of the arrow is exposed to UV light, it will turn from white to yellow over a short period of time. This will not effect the quality of the arrow.

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