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Basket hilt Fin Lame

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Product Details

Troll ball / Fin Lame model offers:

A high density curved cup hilt which encloses the entire hand. These hilts can take a beating and won't collapse around your hand.

Ergonomic pistol Style Grip

Grey ripstop fabric for a more realistic look

Higher density foam at the tip for longer usability and greater durability.

Octagonal blade with thicker foam on the leading edge also for greater durability.

***Please note that these weapons are covered in fabric which can rip during combat against armored opponents. While these weapons can be used in armored combat tearing of fabric and foam is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by B3's warranty*** 

The War Core is the only B3 core covered by the B3 warranty for armored combat games such as Bicolline   

B3 will provide rip repair tape or entire blade repairs at an additional cost. Please contact Ben at for more information.

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